Pitney Bowes


Pitney Bowes is a corporation offering mailing and shipping services solutions. I was contracted by an agency to assist in creating a highly detail-oriented design system to guide Pitney Bowes’ team. The design system was extrapolated to printer screens and the entire suite of Pitney Bowes software.



Style and pattern audit to bring awareness to inconsistencies

defined VERSATILE patterns to fit a wide array of use cases

Usage rules written for better onboarding to the system

Design System


The process started by performing an audit of existing styles that cross over multiple systems and their primary marketing site. This helped to determine what patterns needed to be refined or created along with finding where common inconsistencies occurred. Due to the scale of products, it was important to make things flexible in order for the system to be adapted across all platforms. Writing usage rules will help someone better understand when to use certain elements and remove much of the guesswork, speeding up the lengthy time it usually takes to build out a new platform.


Application of the design system to unique software


Design system applied to Connect +


Part of pressure testing the new design system, we were to apply it to the Connect+ software. This software is used on a small touchscreen device attached to industrial printers and had many technical limitations (low contrast/brightness and tap only capabilities). Through this practice, I was able to determine what rules need to be rigid and where some could be flexible, such as needing to punch up contrast ratios to ensure legibility on these specific screens.


Original Connect + screens